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Creating your data model

The foundation of any software project is its codebase. This is where Hubql shines, providing an integrated environment for code creation and visualization.

With Hubql's visualization features, you can create a comprehensive and understandable representation of your project's codebase.

Whether you're starting from scratch or integrating existing code, Hubql supports an intuitive setup process that aids in developing a well-structured, easily navigable codebase.

Collaborating and gathering insights

Once the codebase is set up, the next step is to bring the team onboard. Hubql smoothens this process with its collaboration features that facilitate easy understanding and engagement.

Team members can review the codebase with visual aids, leave notes on specific elements, and engage in discussions directly within the platform.

This immediate immersion fosters quick adaptation and accelerates the project's kick-off.

Onboarding team members

Once your data model is set up, it's time to onboard your team.

This is often a complex task, but Hubql simplifies it with visualization and collaboration features that promote easy understanding and engagement.

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