Hubql: A game-changer for freelancers

In the world of software development, effective communication and collaboration are key to success. As a freelancer, you may often find yourself working with different kind of teams, each member bringing their unique skills and perspectives to the table.

However, this diversity can also lead to challenges, especially when it comes to understanding and visualizing complex data models and API schemas.

Data models and API schema code is not easy to understand, and sharing it with external parties can often be a challenging task, given the complexities of security configurations and limitations of repository sharing. This is where Hubql comes in.

What is Hubql?

Hubql is a platform that allows tech professionals to collaborate in visualizing, implementing, and documenting data models and API schemas. It automatically converts your data model source code into diagrams such as ER diagrams, enabling everyone on your team to understand your data models and APIs.

Real-time collaboration

One of the standout features of Hubql is our real-time collaboration capability. Multiple users can work on the same data model simultaneously.

This feature is facilitated by Hubql's 2 way sync feature, which ensures that any changes to the code or visualization are automatically synced in real-time.

This real-time collaboration feature eliminates the need for back-and-forth emails and meetings, saving you valuable time and effort.

Data model visualization

Hubql's data model visualization feature is a game-changer for you as a freelancer. It transforms your coded data model into intuitive and well-formed graphs or ER-diagrams.

This feature not only helps in understanding complex data models but also aids in identifying potential issues early in the development process.

API schema visualization

In addition to data model visualization, Hubql also offers API schema visualization. This feature allows you to visualize your API schemas, making it easier to understand and implement them.

This can be particularly useful when working with complex APIs or when you need to explain your API design to non-technical stakeholders.

Integration with GitHub

Hubql integrates seamlessly with GitHub, making it a versatile platform for freelancers. You can start from a template or import your data model files from your GitHub repository.

Every subsequent change in your repository is automatically reflected in your Hubql workspace, ensuring that your documentation is always up-to-date.

This integration with ensures that you can continue using the tools you are comfortable with, while also benefiting from the advanced features offered by Hubql.

Solving communication and collaboration problems

Hubql addresses several communication and collaboration problems that freelancers often face. For instance, getting feedback from your clients that understand the business requirements but not the technical details can be challenging.

Often freelancers depend on their client to provide requirements in a format that they can understand such as Excel or Word documents that are not comptabile or in sync with your actual implementation.

Hubql solves this problem by ensuring that your documentation is always updated in line with your latest code changes, facilitating a smoother development process.

Furthermore, Hubql encourages to provide relevant suggestions and feedback within the right context. Hubql is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your productivity as a freelancer. Its features such as real-time collaboration, data model visualization, API schema visualization, and integration with popular tools make it an invaluable asset for any freelancer working in the field of software development.

By solving common communication and collaboration problems, Hubql allows you to focus on what you do best: creating outstanding software solutions.

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