Hubql for API documentation

Documenting APIs for internal and especially external consumption has its challenges. Most APIs either lack documentation or have outdated documentation, making it difficult for developers to understand how to use them. Hubql offers a groundbreaking solution to this problem with its API documentation platform to gather feedback and collaborate with external entities securely.

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The challenge of API documentation

Documentation is an underappreciated aspect of software development. It is often neglected, leading to confusion and frustration for developers. In return for the lack of documentation, developers often have to spend a significant amount of time reverse-engineering the API to understand how it works. This is a time-consuming process that can be avoided with proper documentation. On top of that, API documentation of lacks means of gathering feedback and collaborating with users directly.

The solution: Collaborate on API schemas with Hubql

With Hubql you can create a secure space for your API documentation and gather feedback from your users directly. Even less technical users can provide feedback and collaborate with you on your API documentation thanks to visualization and commenting features in "Hubs".

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