About Hubql

We are a collaboration platform improving software development for everyone.

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Our mission?

We are aiming to empower both technical and non-technical stakeholders to work together effectively, streamlining the software development process and making it more collaborative, fun and efficient.

How and why we decided to create Hubql?

Hubql was created because we were frustrated by the way software is commonly built today where collecting feedback, precise requirements and communication are hard and inefficient processes.

To find out more why we created Hubql you can read more on our blog post: Why Hubql?

Who is behind Hubql?

We are a team of IT professionals around the world who have experienced the challenges of working in software over the last few years ourself aiming to solve the common pain points in other teams by building Hubql for everyone.

What is Hubql?

The best way to find out more about Hubql is to try here.

Or head over to our docs or reach out to us directly to discuss your pain points in software development so we can solve them together.

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