Build & visualize your
data schemas together

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Implement APIs faster

Build APIs in record time with our local-first API client for OpenAPI specifications.
Start from your existing APIs with our server plugins and streamline feedback when you implement API changes.

Hubql API Client

A visualization is worth thousands lines of code

Automatically generate visualization for files in JSON, XML, Proto, GraphQL or Prisma and turn them into diagrams. Enable everyone on your team to understand complex relationships and schemas.

Data model diagram

Co-create, discuss and share

Data model diagram

Collaborate with team members and external partners in real time or asynchronously to streamline interactions, eliminate misunderstandings, and boost productivity.


Create context for your code with markdown notes

Improve your documentation with diagrams and notes making your data structures clear and accessible. Enable automation to effortlessly keep documentation current with changes, ensuring your team stays informed and aligned with the latest updates.

Data model diagram

Integrate changes with GitHub using our two-way sync

Hubql GitHub app

Use Hubql GitHub app to connect your repositories and synchronize changes between Hubql and GitHub. Our two-way sync allows you to work with your team on Hubql and push changes to GitHub or vice versa.


Pure DX with our CLI for local development

Introducing Hubql CLI for your local development. Use our command line interface to generate preview links of your data models and APIs kick-start collaboration with your team.

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