Coding should be accessible, understandable & effortless

Hubql is designed to enhance transparency & collaboration for any software development project for everyone.

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data model collaboration made easy

Hubql makes code and data understandable through visualizations, facilitates collaboration and reduces manual tasks through automation.

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Our platform is designed to make sharing as easy as possible: Open a link in your browser, and you're good to go. Hubql gives teams the perfect tools to collaborate effectively on their code, ensuring projects being completed with speed and accuracy.

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We believe a picture is worth a thousands lines of code. We empower engineers to translate code and business logic into easily readable diagrams and graphs - with one click. Hubql demystifies code and makes it understandable for everyone.

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AI will not replace software engineers but changes the software development process. Hubql empowers both engineers and business professionals to adapt to this change by providing tools to analyze & improve AI-written code efficiently.

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Data model visualization generated automatically

Hubql generates data model visualizations automagically on every change in your code editor, as part of your pull requests or when merged to your production source code.

The generated visualization can be embedded directly into your documentation as an image keeping your data models always updated to the latest version.

Build software together with suggestions

Your business users or external collaborators are able to make suggestions to your data model. Suggestions can be discarded or when you happy with the changes accepted and synced directly back to your data model code with our source-code integration with GitHub.

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switch between code and visualization

Run meetings using real-time visualization

Hubql turns data models such as in JSON, SQL, Prisma or Hasura table definitions into visualization accessible to your business or external collaborators to brainstorm, gather feedback or work together in real-time.

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