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API development re-imagined

Build in combination with industry standards like OpenAPI and emerging tech like local-first bringing you the best and most efficient way to develop APIs together.

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Everything you need to ship APIs faster

openapi: "3.0.0"
   version: 1.0.0
   title: My Petstore
   - url: http://localhost:3000/v1
   - url:

Open API Specification Import

Start with any OpenAPI spec either through introspection via URL or using our server libraries passing your API schema.

pnpm add @hubql/nestjs


Hubql is built as local-first library storing your data offline. Our API client runs in browser only either as a local server plugin for example as NestJS plugin or distributed directly via CDN as JS library.

Acme Inc.
Acme Inc.
Rocket Inc.
Create Workspace

Workspace and Hubs

Organize your APIs in workspaces and Hubs. Share your API Hubs with your team members and collaborate on the same API collection.


Add KeyAdd Value

Environments and Variables

Store your environment variables in your workspace and use them in your API requests. No need to copy-paste your variables anymore.


Shorten your feedback loops, reduce friction, and have fewer meetings. We enable you to get instant feedback by sharing your local environment with others to unblock your development when feedback is needed.

Hosted Cloud version available

We are offering a hosted cloud version of Hubql API Client for you to get started quickly. No need to install anything, just start developing your APIs. All data is stored locally in your browser.

More coming soon to your Hubs

Connect with us our social media and to build better tools for you, together.

API Reference

Generate beautiful API references automatically and make them available in one-click deploy. A great way to explain or share with your API consumers!

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API reference

API Metrics

Review API metrics right inside your API test client using Hubql. Get insights into your API performance without context-switching and make your API faster than ever.

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API Metrics

API Collaboration

Work together with your team members on the same API collection. Share your API collection with your team members to test faster together.

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api collaboration

API Visualization

Make API schema available as easy-to-understand visualizations. Share your API schema with your team members in a visual way and collaborate.

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