Hubql for API design

Designing APIs for external consumption can pose challenges, particularly metting requirements of the API consumer and engineers. However, with Hubql's API design platform, this process becomes more streamlined and secure.

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The challenge of traditional API schema sharing

Traditional API schema sharing poses challenges with security configurations and the common practice of sharing entire repositories. Hubql addresses these issues with a groundbreaking solution – "Hubs."

Sharing workspaces, projects or files

Hubs are secure spaces facilitating the sharing of specific files or code parts without exposing entire repositories. This approach enhances data control, allowing precise collaboration on workspaces, projects, or files.

Access management and control

Advanced access management within each Hub provides superior control, dictating who can access shared code and their permissible actions. Hubql streamlines code sharing, ensuring efficient and secure external collaboration, empowering teams to collaborate confidently while maintaining control over their data.

With Hubql, teams can collaborate confidently with external entities, fully in control of their data.

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