API Visualization

API Visualization

Turn your API schema in OpenAPI specification into a living document with Hubql. Visualize your API schema with Hubql and make it easy for your API consumers to understand your APIs.

Comment in Hubql Client

Collaborate and discuss

Comments available in real-time peer-to-peer and with context of specific fields or parameters to make quick decisions together.

OpenAPI support

We support OpenAPI spec either introspection via URL or through our server libraries passing your API schema. Hubql converts your API schema into a visual representation.

GraphQL Support

Turn your GraphQL schema into a visual representation with Hubql. Visualize your GraphQL schema and make it easy for your team to understand and share.

Share your progress

At Hubql we believe progress is the fastest with short feedback loops, less friction, less meetings. We enable you to get instant feedback by sharing your local environment with others to unblock your development when feedback is needed.

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