Hubql CLI

Create data schema documentation from your terminal with Hubql CLI available as NPM package (hubql).

From local to Hubql platform

Hubql is a collaboration platform for building software together. With the Hubql CLI, you can interact with our platform from your local machine publishing your files to the platform.


The new command line interface by Hubql will enable you to interact with Hubql in a new way. You can link a local folder to Hubql, with or without an account. Also, download images of your documentation to your local machine.

Link your local folder to Hubql

Use our CLI to link your local folder to Hubql. This will allow you to automate documentation generation and keep your documentation up to date. Generate documentation collaboration links in Hubql platform to collaborate or share with your team and external stakeholders.

Advantages of local development with Hubql

  1. Faster Development: Local development eliminates context switching, facilitating a quicker development process.
  2. Easier Collaboration: Developing locally streamlines collaboration with others working on the same project.
  3. Cost-Effective: Hubql offers a generous free plan.
  4. Configuration in Code: Modifying configuration directly via the Hubql platform may not be captured in code. Adopting local development practices ensures that all your preferences are stored in code.

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