Hubql + Linear (coming soon)

Embed your data model documentation into Linear for enhanced collaboration in your software development process.

Get started

Data model visualization in Linear (coming soon)

With Hubql you can turn your data model source code files into entity relationship diagrams, table views and graphs to collaborate with your team internally and externally.

Get started by connecting your GitHub repository and importing your files in your repo to get a shareable Hubql link right away.

You can use the links to embed directly in Linear.

Collaborate with your team

Get together in Hubql to comment, discuss and iterate over your data model as a team.

You can invite internal as well as external stakeholders of the project to view, comment or edit the data model in Hubql.

Document your data models

Use your visualized data models as documentation that is always up-to-date, attached to your pull-requests and embeddable in Linear.

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