Simplifying external collaboration with Hubql

Sharing code with external parties can often be a challenging task, given the complexities of security configurations and limitations of repository sharing. However, with Hubql, this process is streamlined and secure. Hubql's innovative platform offers the ability to share individual files or parts of the code securely in unique, controlled spaces called "Hubs", revolutionizing how teams collaborate with external entities.

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The challenge of traditional code sharing

Traditionally, code sharing has been a cumbersome process. Existing security configurations often make it difficult to share code securely, and standard practice usually involves sharing the entire repository. This not only exposes more data than necessary but also can lead to difficulties in navigating the repository for specific code parts.

Sharing workspaces, projects or files

Hubql introduces a solution to these challenges called "Hubs".

A Hub is a secured space where teams can share specific files or parts of code without exposing the entire repository. The ability to share individual workspaces, projects or files rather than whole repositories considerably enhances your control of your data while still enabling effective collaboration.

Access management and control

Additionally, each Hub is equipped with advanced access management controls. This allows you to control who can access the shared code and what actions they can perform, providing a superior level of control and security. As such, Hubql's Hubs simplify the process of sharing code, making external collaboration more efficient and secure.

With Hubql, teams can collaborate confidently with external entities, fully in control of their data.

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