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Automate documentation updates

Keep your documentation up-to-date with automated diagrams. Our auto-generated visualizations will help you avoid duplication of effort by eliminating the need to update code and documentation separately.

Automated updates

Save time and reduce manual efforts through automated visualization updates, which keep your codebase and documentation in sync with your latest data model changes.

Integrated workflow

Hubql is integrated into your workflow and source code repositories, eliminating the need for separate tools or processes.

Maintain decision logs

Stay on top of changes with our decision log feature. Keep track of all significant changes in your data schema, aiding in quicker debugging and auditing processes. Maintain high-quality code and data models with ease.


With Hubql's decision logs, you can easily trace back changes, which aids in quicker debugging and auditing processes.

Quality maintenance

Ensure the integrity of your code and data models by having a clear record of all significant changes.

Efficient debugging

Quicken your debugging process by having a clear log of all decisions made regarding your data schema.

Leave comments on specific fields

Boost your team's understanding and communication. Hubql lets you place notes and comments on specific elements in visualization or code, improving communication and making it easier to work on complex projects.

Contextual understanding

Hubql allows you to leave context-specific comments and notes, helping team members understand the logic behind specific code elements or decisions.

Team collaboration

Foster an environment of open communication and collaboration with the ability to share insights or queries directly on the visualization or code.

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