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Published: 2024-01-09



Navigating the complex landscape of IT services and applications can be overwhelming for early-stage SaaS startups. Maintaining clarity of the used tools is significant for efficiency and effective decision-making. At Hubql, we’ve faced these challenges and developed a Tech Stack to provide insight into the usage of IT services and applications across various units and processes.

This article delves into the construction of our Tech Stack, revealing the tools and collaborations that shape our operations, and offers guidance on building a customized Tech Stack for your startup.


Tech Stacks typically comprise frontend and backend components, each further categorized to streamline operations. However, this approach can be customized to suit individual needs.

At Hubql, our Tech Stack is organized into:

  • Development
    • Frontend
    • Backend
    • Developer Platform
    • DevOPs & Infrastructure
  • Product Management
    • Support & Auth
    • Marketing & Sales
    • Analytics
    • Design
  • Collaboration

These categories provide a structured foundation, enabling us to manage and coordinate tasks within our team efficiently. Identifying and defining the different units and processes is essential for a well-organized Tech Stack, setting the stage for integrating IT services and applications.

Tech Stack

Defining business processes provides an initial overview of the tools in use. Encourage team members to share the tools they use daily, creating a comprehensive and standardized view of your Tech Stack. This collaborative approach ensures that the selected tools align with practical needs and enhance overall productivity.

We recommend choosing a user-friendly drawing tool like Excalidraw or Miro to craft your Tech Stack. The key is to include every tool, unit, and process relevant to your operations. The beauty of it lies in the flexibility to shape your design, define categories, and choose forms that align with your organizational preferences.


After diving deep into the process, our Tech Stack came out as a true team effort. It's the blend of everyone's insights and efforts - crafted, refined, and optimized to fit our unique needs. This dynamic toolkit is more than just a set of tools; it reflects our journey, showcasing the collaborative spirit that fuels our SaaS startup.

Hubql SaaS StackFrontend
  • NextJS: Shapes the user interface for a smooth and interactive experience.
  • Tailwind: Open source CSS framework that enhances frontend styling and design.
  • Liveblocks: Adds real-time collaboration features.
  • React Flow: A React component for building node-based editors and interactive diagrams.
  • GraphQL: Powers backend operations and data querying.
  • Prisma: Manages database access and simplifies database operations.
  • PostgreSQL: Handles data storage and retrieval.
  • Supabase: Offers a cloud-based backend solution.
Developer Platform
  • Hubql: Facilitates collaboration and code vizualization.
  • Doppler: Manages secrets and configurations securely.
  • Github: Provides version control and collaborative development.
  • Gitpod: Streamlines development workflow with instant, ready-to-code environments.
Devops & Infra
  • Vercel: Manages deployment and hosting of frontend applications.
  • AWS: Handles cloud infrastructure and services.
  • Supabase: Contributes to backend infrastructure and management.
Support & Auth
  • Intercom: Facilitates user interactions and support.
  • Discord: Enhances community engagement and communication.
  • Clerk: Manages robust authentication processes securely.
Marketing & Sales
  • Semrush: Expands reach and provides insights into online visibility.
  • Hubspot: Streamlines marketing and sales activities.
  • Google Ads: Drives advertising campaigns and enhances online presence.
  • Semrush: Offers comprehensive analytics for performance evaluation.
  • Posthog: Provides detailed user behavior analytics.
  • Google Analytics: Offers insights into website and user interactions.
  • Figma: Serves as a collaborative design platform.
  • Adobe: Enhances visual design and creative content creation.
  • Hubql: Fosters team collaboration and documentation.
  • Slack: Enables real-time communication and collaboration.
  • Notion: Facilitates project management and documentation.
  • Linear: Streamlines issue tracking and project management.
  • Miro: Enhances visual collaboration and brainstorming.
  • Google Workspace: Facilitates seamless collaboration through various tools.
Continuous Refinement

Our Tech Stack is not a static entity. We embrace an iterative process, continuously refining and updating it to adapt to the evolving needs of our SaaS startup. Challenges that arise become opportunities for growth and refinement, ensuring our Tech Stack remains a dynamic and effective asset in our operations.


In conclusion, constructing a Tech Stack tailored to your SaaS startup requires a strategic approach. By categorizing units and processes, selecting tools thoughtfully, and involving your team in the process, you can build a robust foundation for your tech infrastructure. Challenges may arise, but they are opportunities for growth and refinement.

Pro Tip

Don't hesitate to write directly to your individual tool providers, many have great startup programs and offer a big discount especially in the early stages.

Gratitude to Our Tech Partners

To all the dedicated teams behind these tools, your innovation and commitment fuel our success. Here's to continued collaboration and growth!

Upcoming Insights

We've only scratched the surface of optimizing your SaaS startup's tech infrastructure. Explore further insights into tool selection, collaboration platforms, and more in our upcoming articles.

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Was this helpful for you? Feel free to reach out if you encounter any hurdles or if you have insights to share about your own Tech Stack journey. Let’s build and innovate together!

Furkan Cetin
Technical Business Analysis
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