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Hubql is your local-first API Client to build and collaborate.

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We are a team of engineers who love building tools for other engineers. Our goal is to create the local-first peer-to-peer API client we've always wished we had — one that just works.


Add Hubql to NestJS

Our Hubql API Client is available as a server plugin for NestJS and ElysiaJS, as well as a JavaScript library through CDN for local development.
To get started, all you need to do is install our library with a single line of code and pass your OpenAPI specification.

Hubql Client in NestJS

Your local-first API client

Build and test your APIs by sending HTTP requests from your local environment.
With our Hubql Client, you can easily manage your API requests without having to rewrite your recurring test requests during development.
Your requests are automatically imported from your OpenAPI definitions. Data is stored locally in your browser and machine.

Hubql API Client

Collaborate and discuss

Comments can be shared in real-time, enabling quick decision-making based on specific fields or parameters.
Add quick TODOs or receive instant feedback from your teammates to ship faster.

Hubql Client Comments

Build, Discuss & Ship in record time

Hubql Client enables your frontend engineers to provide instant feedback for your APIs.
Code locally, share your live progress, and discuss changes without waiting for time-consuming builds & deployments.

Development flow with Hubql

API development re-imagined

Build in combination with industry standards like OpenAPI and emerging tech like local-first bringing you the best and most efficient way to develop APIs together.

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OpenAPI support

Kickstart your development with any OpenAPI spec either introspection via URL or through our server libraries passing your API schema. Any additional headers, request parameters and body can be saved to be reused as your personal collection.

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At Hubql we believe progress is the fastest with short feedback loops, less friction, less meetings. We enable you to get instant feedback by sharing your local environment with others to unblock your development when feedback is needed.

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Hubql Client is build as local-first library storing your request offline. Our API client runs client-side only either as a local server plugin for example as NestJS plugin or distributed directly via CDN as JS library.

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Save time and effort

Reduce count-less hours of idle waiting time and feedback from meetings and develop in real-time instead. Free yourself from having to navigate slow feedback.

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